WoT Tanks Live Wallpaper

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Experience WoT tanks on your home screen.

Now you can bring World of Tanks game to your mobile phone.
Fire from the most feared tanks in WW2, the Panzerkampfwagen Tiger, Tiger II and T-34-85.

This WoT Live Wallpaper supports automatic and manual shooting. Use the setting screen to select tank and choose the mode which suites you the best, or to disable wallpaper sounds.

This wallpaper also features: 
-10 firing sounds (original from WoT)
-27 result sounds (original from WoT)
-Crew language in English and Russian

Wallpaper is optimized for SD and HD resolutions.

Please comment which tank would you like to see in next update.

  • _____ version 1.5 _____
  • - Fixed crashes on devices with lower heap memory size
  • - Added option to choose to load in memory, fall backs to older rendering type
  • _____ version 1.4 _____
  • - New Tank HD&SD (Tiger II) new engine and custom camuflage
  • - Gray-scale mode
  • - Greatly improved performance
  • - Bug-fixes
  • - Rate and comment from settings screen
  • - Wallpaper renders on center of the screen
  • _____ version 1.3 _____
  • - Added High Quality option
  • _____ version 1.2 _____
  • - Added new tank (T-34-85)

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