World of Planes Live Wallpaper

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This is a highly interactive live wallpaper with a lot of cool features and settings.

Watch some of legendary ww2 planes battle each other or engage early jet fighters. 

Simply tap a plane to make it shoot. Aim other planes to damage and destroy them. Each plane can receive maximum 3 hits. 
All action is followed by pretty audio/video effects. Planes can be firing deadly bullets, damaged with different smoke effects or falling down with nice explosions. Audio effects include plane shooting, hitting another plane and plane falling. Phone vibration can be activated when plane is shooting, is hit, or destroyed.

Each plane has its own random calculated path and acts differently. Maximum plane speed is configurable from settings.

This wallpaper also supports DeathMach mode where planes will fight automatically. Only one will be the winner at the end.
By enabling a pilot ranking option, pilots will earn achievements for every enemy plane they take down.

Main features
• 22 planes (more coming)
• Sound on/off
• Clouds on/off
• Gray-scale mode
• Hight quality option
• Max Plane speed setting
• Pilot rankings (up to 18 ranks)
• DeathMatch mode
• Show FPS
• 7 Backgrounds (more coming)
• Custom background setting
• Vibration for shooting, hit and crash

Enabling all planes can cause low frame rate, use FPS option to set your optimal number of planes and effects.

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  1. Jason
    Posted Monday, November 18, 2013 at 4:37:36 AM

    Wow cool.

  2. CR
    Posted Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 1:27:33 AM

    Bravo majstore! :)

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