The Story

A long time ago there was a happy man (me) with his apps on Google Play growing more popular every day. I didn't plan to make a big money of it, since my country is not in supported sellers list and all my apps were completely free, so we could say i was doing it for a personal satisfaction.

Then, all of sudden, things changed. I received a mail from Google that my app is violating copyright laws and that it's removed from store. Couple days later, i received new mail indicating that additional two apps are removed and, since its my third violation, my account was disabled.

Long story short, once your account is disabled they don't allow you to create new one, (new ones are tracked and disabled again) i decided to create this site and prolong life to my apps.


Current State

Apps are categorized to AndroidropApp, which are all work of my hands, and Other, which are not available on Google Play and i find them worthy to be here. Later there may be other categories if needed.

All apps are free to download and use. Now, since they are not on Google Play, you'll have to install them manually. You can find a nice guide on how to do this here, if you didn't do it before.



If you have some comments, suggestions, concerns or simply want your app to be available on this site, please contact me through this email atridhr@gmail.com or leave comment on this page.

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