3D Earth and Moon Live WP

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Enjoy probably the best looking and feature richest 3D Earth and Moon Live Wallpaper.

This full 3D live wallpaper will make your home screen beautiful and mesmerizing. Variety of features and settings allow you to create look that suites you the best. 
There are no static parts in this wallpaper. Earth, Clouds, Atmosphere, Moon and Background are all rotating. Moon is orbiting Earth in elliptical path. To top all that swipe movement will rotate camera around whole scene!
Camera and Lights are also adjustable. It is possible to choose distance, position and rotation. 
If you ever get tired of normal look, there are 8 colour filters which will bring this 3D Earth and Moon live wallpaper in a total new dimension.

Check some of the features which you cannot find in other similar wallpapers:

- Elliptical Moon Rotation
- Rotating Light(Sun)
- Clouds Rotation
- User Camera Rotation
- Cool Earth Atmosphere
- Adjustable Camera Distance
- Adjustable Camera Position
- Swipe Camera Rotation
- Adjustable Earth Rotation Speed
- Adjustable Moon Visibility
- Adjustable Light Position
- 8 Cool Color Filters
- 16 Great space backgrounds
- NO Air Push Notifications

- For continuous camera rotation, swipe finger from top to bottom of screen and hold
- Set camera position to right or left and use swipe for different rotation

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  1. Amir
    Posted Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 2:12:54 AM

    Very nice wallpaper.

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